omg my friend pissed me off so bad today. we have a mutual friend who just came out as bisexual and he has a boyfriend now so my friend just keeps calling him gay when someone asks us if he is gay and i kept correcting her saying, “he said he’s bisexual, stop saying he’s gay because  that’s not what he said he is” and then she kept saying “well i just don’t understand how you can like both things at the same time” and i SCREECHED and i wanted to go into a spiel about identity erasure but everyone around me was getting MAD AT ME FOR GETTING MAD AT HER and there was also this thing about how one person in our class has like gender issues and my same friend kept saying “is she lesbian or straight can she make up her fucking mind?” and i TRIED soo hard to explain it to her that sexuality and gender aren’t the same thing and no one has to choose either/or BUT PEOPLE JUST KEPT LOOKING AT ME LIKE I WAS TRYING TO START SHIT

well maybe if people didn’t say stupid fucking shit about other people for no goddamn reason I WOULDNT HAVE TO START SHIT WITH THEM

May 20th, 2013 at 4:32pm · 12 notes
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