Georgie tries to rap

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this girl deserves an oscar

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repeat after me friends: 

  • vaginas are self-cleaning
  • there is no such thing as a dirty vagina
  • unless you have an infection 
  • in which case  your vagina still isn’t dirty but you should really go see a doctor 
  • but yeah
  • vaginas aren’t “clean” or “dirty” they’re self-cleaning acidic muscular tracts 
  • so fuck off

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Fifth Harmony texting on an interviewers phone

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Dinah playing pictionary

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Anonymous said: i remember you posting your personal blog url a while ago but i can't seem to find it. what was it again?


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Bible Belt
by Dry the River + 181 plays

Lo and behold! Your mother is drinking again.
This might be the coldest winter since records began.

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